Yinstorative + Sound Healing

Yinstorative + Sound Healing

-With Bodywork + Aromatherapy- 

Friday, August 17 | 6:00-8:00pm

Friday, November 2 | 6:00-8:00pm


Guided by: Elissa Shoreman + Elaine O’Rourke.

$35 in advance; $40 at the door.

Gentle held poses with entrancing healing sounds

*Advance registration is required.

In this workshop Elissa and Elaine combine their skills of Yin Yoga and Sound Healing. They will take you on a journey far away from your daily life to deeply relax, balance and come home to yourself.
The opening effects of the yin yoga poses combined with the vibrations of the singing bowls can release blockages in your physical and energy body.
Elissa will guide you within each Yin posture as you invite the layers of connective tissue to release, which allows for more space and energy within. At the same time Elaine will lead you on a meditative journey through the beautiful sounds of Quartz Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, angelic voicing along with other instrumentation. She will go from person to person (if you wish) and place the bowls upon the body. The bowls will be played in different ways, resulting in different tones and vibrations. Even when the bowls are placed on someone else’s body, you will benefit from the deep meditative effect of the sound, vibrations and group energy.
Yin Yoga
With Yin yoga we hold poses for a at least 3 minutes andwe work on the deeper tissues in our body, the fascia. This enhances the flow of prana in the body which flows through the energy channels. Because of the meditative character of yin yoga you can surrender into being, connecting with your inner silence. By surrendering into the experience of the moment the quality of the prana improves and we can release stress and tension.
Sound Healing
For ages the power of sounds have been acknowledged in many civilizations. Everything in this Universe is connected though vibrations. You are alive because of vibrations. Everything is rhythm. Andeverything resonates to vibrations. Sounds are the jump step into another dimension; the alleviation of energy blockages in the chakras as the karma you are ready to release disappears quickly and with minimal effort: all are reported benefits of sound healing with a gifted channel of this energy.
We can write a lot about it here, but best is to just experience this magic combination and feel it yourself! Everyone is welcome.