Yin Yoga Class for All Levels
Guided + Inspired by Joanne Travers
Wednesday, June 27th
   In lieu of regular class offerings
(no 5:30pm or 7pm)

Drop in for $15 or use your class cards!
Yin Yoga is a type of yoga practice that aims to apply gentle to moderate pressure on targeted areas of the body. Benefits are mental, physical and energetic.
This yin class will explain some of the misunderstandings of the practice and introduce postures that apply tension and compression in appropriate ways. Longer held postures help students deepen awareness of sensations in the body and learn to explore ‘their edge’. How to modify and safely hold postures will be explained.
A balanced and harmonized practice of Yin is intended to be complimentary to active exercise and yang yoga. Yin gently works both dense and less dense connective tissues. Connective tissues of the human body bind, support and protect ligaments, bones, muscles and other soft tissues surrounding joints.
The practice of longer held asana postures, with appropriate stress, enhance meridian and organ systems, vital for channeling energy through. Come and explore!