Restorative Yoga + Bodywork Workshop
Friday,  October 19 |  Restorative + Bodywork | $30
Guided + Inspired by: Elissa Shoreman + Kristin Bernier

 Upcoming dates: 

Friday,  October 19 |  Restorative + Bodywork | $30
Friday, November 2 | Yinstorative + Sound Healing | $35
Friday, December 7 | Restorative + Bodywork | $30

Come and experience the blissful benefits of healing bodywork and restorative yoga! 
Practice Yoga as though you are giving yourself a precious gift. Come indulge in a class designed to balance, relax and restore your vitality. Restorative yoga teaches us how to relax and heal our bodies. 
In this two hour candlelight class, you will be guided you through relaxing restorative postures with the aids of belts, bolsters and blankets.

Restorative yoga is a quiet and deeply nourishing practice where you can allow yourself to be fully relaxed. Supported yoga postures allow the body to naturally release deeply held tension and stress, which in turn helps to replenish the nervous system, regulate the body's natural functions, and get rid of toxins. Couple this extremely calming yoga practice with therapeutic massage and soothing essential oils and you will feel a sense of tranquility and balance through your entire being.

This practice is perfect for all levels of yogis, all trimesters of pregnancy and anyone who may be nurturing an injury.