Prenatal + Postnatal Yoga

Thursdays, 5:45-6:45pm 

No class August 31

 -Ongoing Weekly Class-

Guided + Inspired by Elissa Shoreman


 Drop in anytime $15 or purchase a package


Designed to nourish expectant mothers during their magical journey, as well as a space to nourish yourself once baby is here!

You will learn to use yoga’s mind and body awareness to connect with your own innate wisdom, body and your growing baby.

Gather together as a community of mamas and mamas to be. 

This is truly a sacred space to honor exactly where you are. 

We are a group of real, say it how it is, we laugh and we cry women. 

Would love for you to join us in our warm and supportive space.

This class will focus on stretching, breathing, strengthening, stress release, and community building.

A dynamic class for women in any stage of pregnancy and those with babies 6 weeks to crawling. 

*Babies are welcomed, but are not the focus of the class.
The focus is all on you mama!
Of course, they are your first priority so feeding, changing diapers, and emotional support is all welcomed!
 Please note, expecting moms can also drop into our other yoga classes and find support and relaxation as well!

(All trimesters)