Pam Myers-Kinney

RYT 200, RYT 500

"With over 20 years experience teaching group fitness, it was only natural that I found my way to teaching yoga. Years of an active lifestyle and a stressful career let me know that I needed more balance and serenity in my life. I started practicing yoga in the mid-1990’s, and my teacher training began in 2004. I ultimately completed my 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification in 2008. Yoga has brought me a clearer sense of peace, balance, and the ability to embrace life just as it is. Ultimately we are powerless to control life, just our attitude and reaction to it. Namaste."

How do you balance your yoga practice and life?  I practice yoga every day... by that I mean that I try to apply yoga philosophy to all that I do.  So, for me, it's not a balancing act, but rather a melding of practice and life... "Life Practice".  Ultimately for me... it's all Yoga!

What is your favorite quote? "Life is too important to be taken seriously" - Oscar Wilde

What is your favorite asana (posture)? Savasana... seriously!  I love the feeling of totally letting go, and surrendering to gravity. Even better when I have a heavy blanket over me... really "grounds" me.

What is your least favorite asana? Garudasana... Eagle Pose.  With my tight hips, it's a very challenging posture for me.

What is your favorite part about your practice? The favorite part of my physical asana practice is finding ways to flow easily from one posture to another... linking several asanas before repeating the same sequence on the other side.

When did you start practicing yoga and why? I started practicing yoga in the late 90's.  Initially it was purely for the athleticism, but eventually it was the philosophy and mindfulness that sustained my practice.

How has yoga changed your day-to-day life? I find I can be at peace with how life unfolds.  I more easily release my expectation of how things will turn out, and not let myself get caught up in the "drama" of life.  I find I can laugh at the silly things I do... and be more of a "witness" when I do get a bit off-balance.

What do you love most about Buddhaful Souls Yoga Studio? I love the community that has formed since we opened.  The energy is so calming, and welcoming.  Recently, a client shared that one of the things she most liked about the staff was our lack of ego and pretension.  I think of that as our ability to keep things "real". 

Tell us an interesting fact about you.I love to create... fabric, fiber, and silver (metal smithing) are my favorite mediums.  Even better when I'm making something for someone special... then I can think about them, send good thoughts, and infuse the project with love and care.