Open Audition: Yoga Teachers
Sunday, August 6 
We are constantly growing and looking for yoga teachers to add to our schedule and our sub list. We would LOVE for YOU to join us.
BSYS is an eclectic yoga studio offering all different styles of yoga for children and adults.
We only want you to teach YOUR style. That is what makes YOU special.
This audition is very casual. Of course, you will be nervous. I understand that. I want you to show up in your truest and most loving form. Compassion for yourself and how you are feeling in that moment. Please DO NOT allow your nerves to turn down this opportunity.
If you are interested in teaching JUST Children's Yoga and NOT adults please email me.
Please plan to teach about a 5 minute class. This is VERY short and even more challenging than a 75 minute class.
- 2 Floor asanas
-2 seated asanas
-2 standing asanas
-1 balance
-and how you end your class
(you may choose to use music or not... this will not effect your audition)
What to bring:
-An open heart + mind
-Your updated Resume
-An idea of your availbility (typed out please)
You must be at least 200 hour certified to audition (or almost complete with your current YTT)