BSYS Children's Mission + Benefits of Yoga

'We teach children about their hearts; not their test scores.'

Thank you for considering giving your child the gift of Yoga!

It is our dharma (mission) to teach children the meaning of union of mind, body and spirit.

There is a wealth of knowledge we can offer our children with the practice of yoga.

Teaching children the philosophy of yoga helps them learn respect for themselves, others and appreciation for our world.


Why yoga for children?

Yoga helps children see the beauty and light within themselves, boosting their self confidence and allowing them to feel more comfortable with their bodies as well as helping them get in touch with who they are inside. A child who learns yoga for relaxation will be developing skills that last a lifetime. 

During our series, your child will get the opportunity to learn and practice traditional yoga postures and nurture the spirit within themselves, our program is about having fun while learning. The goal is not for the kids to do the poses perfectly; but rather educate the whole child with an integrative approach that addresses their brain, mind, body, and spirit in a seamless fashion... all while having a good time on the mat! 


Due to the nature of yoga,

we ask Parents to either enjoy some quiet time and tea outside of our 'practice area' or feel free to do a quick errand.

This is NOT meant to exclude you but rather to provide your child the best possible space to be him or herself.

Benefits for our "Little Souls"

  • develops and improves strength and flexibility
  • improves concentration, focus, and attention
  • develops and improves balance and coordination
  • boosts self-confidence and self-esteem
  • improves sleeping patterns
  • encourages mind and body connection
  • promotes calm and ability to be less reactive
  • expands creative expression and imagination
  • aids in digestion, circulation and elimination
  • promotes respect for self and others
  • improves immune system function
  • teaches environmental awareness
  • earth care and overall sense of connectedness
  • promotes self-discipline and self-control
  • clears the mind
  • connects them to their hearts desires
  • promotes an overall sense of well-being