Emily Martel

Certified special education teacher with almost 10 years of teaching experience and a Color Me Yoga certified yoga teacher. She brings together her love of yoga and her experience working with individuals with a variety of special needs to create a class tailored to each individual student or students.

What inspires you? People inspire me. When I see someone truly living in authenticity and light I always want to say "HOW?". A person living gracefully, peacefully, honestly and joyfully is a gift to those around them. 
How do you balance your yoga practice and life? Balancing yoga with my job as a special education teacher, and Sacred Pregnancy instructor and a mom of two kids under three is HARD! Balance is something for me that feels like I'm on a teeter totter and you find that moment of balance and it's bliss but then you are up or down again in an instant. I'm starting to realize that is part of life, especially as a mom and teacher, and I'm trying really hard to get comfortable with appreciating those moments of balance, but not get too bent out of shape when things go a little haywire. 
What is your favorite quote? The cure for anything is salt water; sweat, tears or the sea
What is your favorite part about your practice? I started teaching yoga for individuals with disabilities about 10 years ago and I just began my work with teaching holistic and sacred pregnancy, birth and postpartum classes. Both of these challenge me and reward me in different ways. Working with individuals with disabilities brings me so much peace....to get the chance to witness their possibility and their light when in so many ways these aren't recognized...to be able to have an hour long class where no words are exchanged but communication is clear. My work with mamas and families is also a new favorite. Having just entered motherhood myself, I realize how much we as a culture have lost the sense of sacred reverence for the processes of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood. I see so many mamas just totally burnt out and exhausted (myself included!) that I can't help but be drawn to help provide a chance for honoring, supporting and celebrating this important time in a woman's life. 
How has yoga changed your life? Yoga's biggest influence on me is breathing. I always remind myself to use belly breaths when I'm getting tense. I find myself doing it all the time. 

What's your biggest fear? Oh, fear...this is my nemesis, really. Releasing fear is my biggest challenge by far. 
What do you love most about the studio? What I love about the studio is that has always opened its doors to me and my ideas. Elissa has been nothing but supportive and helpful as I try to bring not only yoga for the body, but really the yoga of living, to a diverse population. Having a space like this to build community is a beautiful thing. 

Interesting fact? I have my black belt in karate
Favorite song on my yoga playlist? Of course I have to say the song my son was born to "Shake it Off" by Florence and the Machine and the song my daughter was born to "Fragile" by Sting. I also love "Sanctuary" by Donna de Lory.