Elissa Shoreman

(Owner/ Founder of BSYS)

RYT 200, Certified Children's Yoga Teacher, Certified Bodyworker, Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher

"I am so grateful for the gift of yoga. I quickly fell in love with the practice and have returned to my mat over and over for the peace, stillness, presence, and joy I find in that sacred space.I am continually awed by the power of yoga to heal and support my body, mind, and spirit. It has enabled me to feel more joy in my life, depth in my relationships, and ease in my body.When my students enter the studio, I incorporate what each of them needs that day. My vision is to empower my students to find strength and balance in their everyday lives. I love to teach children and adults about their hearts, not about their test scores. I love teaching and sharing yoga experiences with my students. My classes emphasize presence, inner focus, strength, safe alignment, and flexibility. I believe that yoga is for everyone regardless of age and ability. I encourage my students to appreciate their uniqueness through individual exploration of breath and yoga postures, or asanas. So take a deep breath, and join me in exploring your own yoga journey. You will walk away from your yoga class with a smile in your heart!" I bow to the love and light in you."

What inspires you? Friendships! One of the most important and beautiful things to me. 

How do you balance your yoga practice and life? Yoga allows me to keep the balance in my life! 

What is your favorite quote?  I adore quotes! Right now: 'Be with those who help your being' - Rumi 

What is your favorite asana (posture)? I truly have fallen in love with many asanas, and this will forever change. A few favorites at the moment pigeon, headstand, and Savasana! All very yummy!  

What is your favorite part about your practice? Setting an intention and/ or devoting the practice to myself or someone or something. I just imagine myself like a prayer flag and send my blessings. 

When did you start practicing yoga and why? My friend and I decided to take a class 10 years ago. I have not stopped since. Shortly after this I experienced a panic attack and a long bout with anxiety. Of course, it was harder to get to my mat but the practice embraced me and met me right where I was every time. I say a lot in class, 'feel free to go into savasana early if needed or stay there the entire time'. I have done just that, not just once either. I just needed to be in the energy, pause and breathe. It is a practice; but yoga was a huge part of easing the discomfort. 

How has yoga changed your day-to-day life? I live more mindfully. Every part of me. Everything in balance. 

What do you love most about Buddhaful Souls Yoga Studio? This is an emotional one. BSYS was truly my first baby. We (myself, teachers and students) have created a 'buddhaful' sangha (community). I am eternally grateful for all that we have created. I bow to each one of you.

Tell us an interesting fact about you. I was a Massage Therapist before Yoga Teacher! I love working with the body and I believe mindful touch is an amazing tool. I hope to bring 'yogassage' into the studio at some point!