Class Descriptions

+ Mild       ++ Moderate       +++Intermediate/Advanced

 Beginner Yoga Series  +

*Pre-registration required

This series is for the absolute beginner or the student somewhat new to yoga that wants a deeper introduction.If you can breathe, you can do yoga! If you are just beginning (or re-beginning) your journey into Yoga, this Series is for you! Joanne will guide you in building your Yoga practice from the ground up. Yoga postures and their modifications will be taught so that anyone at any age or level of flexibility can practice them. We will learn how to go in and out of these poses correctly, or in the best way for your body.Each posture will be taught in a way that allows the student to develop a strong, healthy, safe and mindful Yoga practice. (If this is your first purchase at the studio, you may purchase the 30 days for $30 after your series)

Gentle Yoga +

Gentle yoga is suitable for any level student who desires a more gently paced class. It is ideal for seniors, students with special conditions or injuries, and beginners who want a slower introduction to yoga. Each class begins with a centering and includes breathing techniques and sequences designed to build strength, increase flexibility and range of motion, and improve concentration. Poses are often taught with the use of props such as blocks, blankets, straps, and bolsters to help students ease into postures and find proper alignment. Each class ends with a final, deep relaxation

Meditation + Flow + Restorative Yoga +

This yoga class begins with meditation followed by posture sequence using breath and mindful movement in a slower paced flow. This class aims to relax and balance the mind and body, with poses facilitating a deeper connection to self. This class is for all levels, those who simply prefer to enjoy a slower paced flow, and for students who would like an introduction to meditation in an encouraging, supportive and tranquil environment. Each class ends with a deeply nourishing relaxation in restorative postures. 

Energy Flow +++

This style of yoga is a dynamic, challenging combination of strength, sweat and spirituality. Energy Flow detoxifies the body while building endurance and cultivating balance. This accessible, athletic, and flowing form of yoga will lead you to a state of transformation. Emphasizing strong balancing and standing poses it will sculpt, tone and hone all the muscles of your body while calming your mind. Within the consistency of this structured class, there are many modifications and variations that serve the needs of all experience levels. Find your edge and discover your inner strength. All level are welcome.

Deep Stretch Flow ++

A great class for every Body. We are truly always beginners! We will begin our practice together with a centering, a gentle warm-up consisting of deep stretching on the floor, sun salutations, standing postures, forward bends, twists, hip-openers and shoulder openers, inversions with basic breathing exercises (pranayama). We will focus on cultivating breath and body awareness and moving in postures with the breath. Great class to improve your flexibility, release stiffness or soreness from your existing practice This class will hold postures and also encourage flow between postures in a gentle flow. You can always rest when you need to...child's pose is your friend! Class ends with a long savasana (corpse pose). Perfect complement for students new to yoga or students wanting a practice to balance their outside workouts- Enjoy!

CORE Flow +++

This class is optimal for students looking to challenge their limits, build strength & tone the core muscle groups at the center line of the body. Core flow will compliment your regular yoga practice, fitness routine, sport or outdoor activity by building on your current routine, expanding your overall strength and flexibility while enhancing your athletic abilities and reducing injury. We will incorporate traditional and contemporary yoga poses offering challenge and variety in each class.

Saturday + Sunday All Levels ++

Explore how far your practice can go in this well-rounded class! Designed to be invigorating and challenging, these classes are accessible for students of various levels. Variations are offered for beginners, while advanced options are available for more experienced practitioners. You can truly choose your own adventure in this supportive setting, surrounded by mixed levels of experience.

Yoga Sculpt +/++

Experience the best of both worlds! A combination of fundamental yoga movements & muscle conditioning to leave you feeling strong and energized. The addition of light hand-held weights improves balance & stability, while building muscle strength & tone. Bringing a sense of playfulness to your practice... with a well-deserved Savasana at the end!  Yoga experience not required.

Yin Yoga + Flow +/++

Yin yoga is a deeply nourishing practice in which poses are held for 2-5 minutes with muscles relaxed. Yin Yoga supports lengthening, strengthening and rehabilitating connective tissue; it stimulates the movement of Chi through the meridian lines; creates a feeling of lightness and ease; and enhances joint flexibility. This practice includes bending forward, backward and twisting; opening the hips, knees, ankles, and rejuvenates the entire spine.This is an all levels class, appropriate for beginners and those new to yoga.

Flow/Restorative with Reiki +

Practice begins with a mindful slow flow to engage the physical and energetic body then leads into the support and surrender of Restorative yoga. The Restorative portion of the practice uses blankets and bolsters to support students in passive postures which reduce stress, increase circulation and calm the nervous system. Hands free Reiki is a simple and safe method of spiritual healing and will also be offered to help reduce stress and promote relaxation. This class is suitable for all levels and will leave you feeling deeply nourished and refreshed.

Prenatal + Postnatal Yoga (babies welcomed) 

Designed to nourish expectant mothers during their magical journey, as well as a space to nourish yourself once baby is here! You will learn to use yoga’s mind and body awareness to connect with your own innate wisdom, body and your growing baby. Gather together as a community of mamas and mamas to be.This is truly a sacred space to honor exactly where you are.We are a group of real, say it how it is, we laugh and we cry women.Would love for you to join us in our warm and supportive space. This class will focus on stretching, breathing, strengthening, stress release, and community building. A dynamic class for women in any stage of pregnancy and those with babies 6 weeks to crawling. 
*Babies are welcomed, but are not the focus of the class. The focus is all on you mama! Of course, they are your first priority so feeding, changing diapers, and emotional support is all welcomed!