Children's Yoga

Baby Souls

Bring Your Baby Yoga

Ages 6 weeks - Crawling | Guided by

 Class to be determined. 

 Nurture yourself while caring for your baby. 

Baby Souls focuses on the caregiver with the flexibility of caring for your baby throughout the class.

These classes have their own special rhythm, we are all parents, so soothing crying babies, changing diapers, and feeding baby in class is the norm.  

This class is designed for ALL mamas who are at least 6 weeks postpartum and appropriate until baby is crawling. No prior yoga experience required. 

Baby Souls is a safe place to explore your postpartum body and connect with other new moms.



Tiny Souls

 Toddler Yoga

Ages Crawling - 5 years old

 $15 drop in for adult and child pair / $5 extra per a child. 

 Thursday's | 11:00-11:45m


  Yoga for Toddlers (with caregiver) class will stretch mini yogi minds and strengthen their bodies.

As well as, learn how to focus + keep calm through breathing, mindfulness, yoga storytime, musical asanas,

body awareness, playful partner poses, laughter and most importantly self love.

Gather with other like minded families and share the bond of this magical practice.

younger + older siblings welcomed though. 

Little Souls

Ages 3 - 8 years old

 Tuesday's | 4:00-4:45pm            Drop In $15


Upcoming Series:

September 11 - November 6 (9 week series | $115)

November 27 - January 29 (8 week series | $100)*no class 12/25 + 1/1)

February 5 - April 9 (9 week series | $115) *no class 2/19

April 23 - June 4 (7 week series | $85) 

A class that nourishes our Little Souls in mind, body and heart. 

Offering time to be heard through sharing our names and playing the singing bowl,

to connect to our center through the sound of hOMe. We stretch our growing bodies through song and play. 

Challenge our focus through balancing. Take deep deep breaths in and out to calm and be. 

We play mindful games. We have free time to just be a kid. 

We dance and meditate.

We encourage kindness and oneness. 

We are yoga!

Empowered Souls

Girls Yoga + Empowerment

Ages 7-12

 Thursday's | 4:00-5:00pm            Drop In $15 

Upcoming Fall + Winter Series:

September 13 - November 8 (9 week series | $115)

November 29 - January 31(8 week series | $100)*no class 12/27 + 1/3)

February 7 - April 11 (9 week series | $115) *no class 2/21

April 25 - June 6 | 7 week series | $85 

 A space for girls to discover their own inner beauty and bond together in sisterhood!
It's not easy growing up...
At Buddhaful Souls Yoga Studio, our mission is to create strongvibrant and soulful girls.
A girl who feels worthy, lives with purpose, and shines her light.
During the Yoga + Empowerment Girls Club,
girls will be immersed in weekly yoga, mindfulness practices, 
self-discovery, crafts, games and mentorship. 
Arrive with an open mind and heart and a willingness to grow into your Be.YOU.tiful self. 

Athletic Souls

Boys + Girls Ages 10-14

 6 Week Yoga Series | $75

No series currently. 

*Please email us, Will run with enough interest.


A yoga class for young athletes that focuses on stretching + strengthening the mind + body. 

Learning breathing techniques that sustain and calm the whole body. 

As well as learning how to relax + be to allow the body to restore. 

Why is yoga good for young athletes?

  • A regular yoga practice helps prevent injuries and speeds recovery from strenuous workouts.
  • Yoga helps with breathing, flexibility, strength, confidence, energy, balance, concentration, endurance and injury prevention.
  • Yoga also helps young athletes learn how their bodies work. Proper yoga instruction teaches body mechanics and enhances body awareness.
  • Yoga teaches players how to harness their breathing and focus on the present. Being able to visualize the next shot in basketball or hit in football can help improve their game.
  • Yoga teaches players how to slow down, regenerate from their strenuous workouts and relax. With the intense pressure to do well in school and sports, most kids don't take the time to reap the benefits of their hard work.

Boho Souls

Tween + Teen Yoga 

Ages 12+ | Girls Only

Guided by Emily Martel


No series currently

*Please email us, Will run with enough interest. 


This class will empower girls through discussion, meditation, asana (yoga postures) and journaling.

We encourage each girl to bring her own unique spirit and light to class.

Girls will practice challenging yoga poses, partner poses and flowing sequences while building friendships and self confidence.

We will discover the possibility and power within ourselves as we develop a healthy body and a calm and confident mind.


All mature teens with an interest in practicing Yoga are invited to any of our Weekly Adult Classes at the studio.

Family Souls

All ages welcomed, designed best for ages 2-8

Monthly | Friday's | 1:00-1:45pm | $20 per a family (Monthly Dates  7/20, 8/17, 9/21)

Join Miss Elissa for a fun filled yoga class appropriate for the whole family.

 Come play yoga while you connect with your little soul(s). 

A class focused on fun breathing techniques, yoga postures, partner poses, music, meditation, massage and deep relaxation. 


 Yoga is a buddhaful way to encourage kids to care of their bodies, minds and the world around them.


Younger + older are of course welcomed as well though!

Girl/Boy Scout Meditation + Yoga Badge


Help your troop earn their Mediation or Yoga Badge with one of our light hearted yoga teachers.

The children will enjoy a full practice of yoga learning asanas (poses), pranayama (breath) and dhyana (meditation).

We will play yoga games and end in savasana (relaxation) 


$10/Participant (Minimum of 8, Maximum of 15) $10 Trip Charge if not held at studio 

Yoga in Your School

Allow Buddhaful Souls Yoga Studio to bring high quality, age appropriate Yoga classes into your school!

Learn the basics of Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation from a trained and certified Yoga teacher.

We can provide fun/general Yoga classes or cater the class to themes being covered in class such as nature, concentration, stress management or self esteem. 


Single Class: $75

1/2 Day (Up to 4 Classes): $150

Full Day (Up to 8 Classes): $275 Reoccurring Weekly Class: $65/Class