Bianca Patch

How do you balance your yoga practice and life?

I try to incorporate as much yoga into my day-to- day life as I can, but it’s always a balance. Remembering my breath work throughout the day has helped shaped my life immensely. I’m human, though, just like my students. Sometimes I make mistakes, and I may do or say something that isn’t very “yogi”, but I try my best to meet every situation with compassion and love; everything else is a learning experience.

What is your favorite quote?

“Every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about; be kind, always.”

What is your favorite asana?

Supta matsyendrasana (knee down spinal twist) – There’s just something so satisfying about wringing out the spine after a long day.

What is your least favorite asana? Utkatasana (chair pose) – I don’t know why, but this pose has always been very uncomfortable for me, and I typically dread it.

When did you start practicing yoga and why? One day I woke up and decided that I needed something to feel whole again. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I drove by a yoga sign and it hit me; that was it. I started practicing seriously at Buddhaful Souls a few years ago in Mary Hargrave’s gentle restorative class. I never looked back after that day, because it was so intensely satisfying to be so relaxed. I was hooked!

How has yoga changed your day-to- day life? Yoga reminds me to accept myself where I am, without harsh self-judgment or ego. It reminds me to place myself in the seat of compassion before casting judgment onto another soul. Of course, it also reminds me to breath into any difficult moments, easing into them with a bit more love, light, and grace.

What do you love most about Buddhaful Souls Yoga Studio? Between the amazing sangha (community), the wonderfully comforting lighting, the calming atmosphere, and the incredible offerings for yogis of all ages and ability levels – what’s not to love?

Tell us an interesting fact about you: Along with teaching yoga, I enjoy rock climbing,hiking, and running.

What inspires you? My day job is in a kindergarten classroom, and I am forever in awe of the children I teach. I love their incredibly pure hearts and souls, so they inspire me to be better and to be resilient in the face of a challenge.